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Barber Tools

Our Mission

It is the mission of Grooming Resources and Opportunities, Inc. to equip barbers and barbershops with resources to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. We will focus our efforts to positively impact poverty issues including early childhood literacy, health and wellness, and disaster relief.

Our Community Leader: Reggie Winston

Coming from a small town and a large family, Reggies has always had a big dream. His desire is to be the world's greatest husband and father! He became a barber in 2011 with the desire of creating an urban barbershop franchise that will positively impact the industry and the community. This vision has gained him numerous awards, accolades, and the ability to bring social issues to light through his platform. 

With the commitment of client and corporate partnerships, He's been able to lead a charge to improve communities surrounding Wake County. 

Meet Our Partners
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