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It is the mission, duty and purpose of Grooming Resources and Opportunities, Inc. to
equip barbers and barbershops with resources to improve the quality of life in the
communities they serve. We will focus our efforts to positively impact poverty issues
including early childhood literacy, health and wellness, and disaster relief.
It is our duty to be positive members of the community and use our influence to not only
help create opportunities, but also cultivate available resources that will improve the
quality of life for more than 1.4 million citizens living in poverty throughout North

The U.S. Census Bureau found that “in 2018, 19.7 percent, or nearly 1 in 5 kids in
North Carolina, lived in poverty. Persistent discrimination and historical and present
systemic barriers also manifest in drastically different rates of poverty by race. Last
year, 21.1 percent of Black North Carolinians live below the official poverty line
compared with 9.8 percent of whites. Also, 24.8 percent of Latinx, 20.1 of American
Indians, and 12.8 percent of Asian Americans live in poverty.”


Grooming Resources and Opportunities INC. 501c3 is a non for profit organization that uses the barbershop as a safe zone and leverages the influence of barbers to bring awareness of available resources to members of the community.


  • We expose and educate communities on available resources that promote positive change

  • We help organizations expand their reach and credibility into communities that align with their vision of creating positive change.

  • Reward participants with free grooming services


We are currently dedicated to developing the communities within the Raleigh/Durham area. It is our intention to expand and serve all of North Carolina. We partner with local barbershops and community organizations to effectively serve those in need.

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